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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Charles Wright, Buffalo Yoga

Charles Wright is one of the best poets currently working in America (in my opinion). His new book, Buffalo Yoga, is extraordinary. This is a bit from "Rosso Venexiano":

What else is bereft in the camera's lens, or the mirror's eye?
People, of course, and the future; Campo S. Polo:
Sabo, co fa scuro, Gran Balo Macabro the poster announced.
Lord, the detritus.

Write, the voice said. For whom? came the response.
For the dead, whom thou didst love, came the instant reply.

And will they read me?
Aye, for they return as posterity,
the voice answered one last time.

I've read his Black Zodiac maybe five times and every time I find something else. I can see that Buffalo Yoga will be like that.


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