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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And, in the "To Be Read" pile

I need to retire now, so I can catch up on my reading.

David Colander (ed.), The Stories Economists Tell.

Herb Gintis et al. (eds), Moral Sentiments and Material Interests.

William Baumol, Robert Litan, and Carl Schramm, Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism.

Tom Slee, No One Makes You Shop At Wal-Mart.

Robert Frank, The Economic Naturalist.

Thomas McGraw, Prophet of Innovation.

Gregory Clark, A Farewell to Alms.

Lawrence Block, Tanner on Ice and Me Tanner, You Jane.

Qiu Xiaolong, When Red is Black.

Edward Marston, The Railway Viaduct.

Seamus Heaney, District and Circle.

Parnell Hall, Hitman: A Stanley Hastings Mystery.

The Selected Poems of Li Po.

Charles Wright, Littlefoot: A Poem.


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