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Sunday, March 03, 2013

A new post-retirement, part-time teaching gig

I start my second post-retirement, part-time teaching gig tomorrow.  It's a course called Foundations of Economics, for entering MBA students who have not had an undergraduate introductory economics sequence.  Seven weeks, 2 (2-hour) class meetings a week.

Years ago, when I was at Illinois state University, I had a colleague who asked every job candidate we had on campus for an interview what I thought was a really good, but really hard, question:  You're teaching introductory micro economics (or intro macro), but instead of 15 weeks, you only have 7.  What do you cut out, and what do you leave in?  What I've had to do with this course is take what we usually do across 2 semesters (30 weeks, 2.5 hours of class time a week--75 hours of class time) and reduce it to 28 hours of class time.  It was not a lot of fun to figure out what to do.

We'll see how it goes, I guess


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