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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Generating the Wealth of Nation 14: Population in the US and in the UK

In 1830, US population was about 13 million, while populationin the UK was about 24 million.  By 1920, their populations were about 106 million and about 44 million respectively.  The average annual rate of growth of the population in the US was 2.4% per year; in the UK, it was 0.7%.  The US had added 93 millopn people, while the UK had added 20 million.  The US clearly had more places to put people, and one of the major differences is that immigration into the US was vastly larger.  My own estimate is that something more than half (probably around 2/3) the US population growth came from immigrants and their descendants, whereas in England, that was a negligible source of population growth. 

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