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Friday, September 06, 2013

Has employment growth been disproportionately in part-time employment

Tyler Cowen posts this:
From Greg Mankiw:
John Lott points out the following: “So far this year there have been 848,000 new jobs. Of those, 813,000 are part time jobs…. To put it differently, an incredible 96% of the jobs added this year were part-time jobs.”  
 But we usually look at year-over-year, not January-to-August.  In which case, unless I'm reading the tables incorrectly, and comparing (seasonally-adjusted) August 2012 with August 2013 (in thousands):

PT Emp 8/12: 26,899
PT Emp 8/13: 27,250
% Change in PT: +1.34%

FT Emp 8/12: 115,275
FT emp 8/13: 116,920
% Change in FT: +1.43%

Tot Emp 8/12: 142,164
Tot Emp 8/13: 144,170
% Change in FT: +1.41%

PT Emp as a % of Tot Emp, 8/12: 18.9%
PT Emp as a % of Tot Emp, 8/13: 18.9%
PT employment growth as a & of Total employment growth:
Looks like a big nothingburger to me.


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