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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Is BusinessWeek worth it now?

In the past few months, I've read a number of comments about the revived BusinessWeek, under Bloomberg's ownership.  So I re-upped, with a 26 week subscription for $20.  Having received three issues so far (and read two of them), I'm not so sure I'm thrilled.

Leaving aside issues of appearance, style, and layout (the pages feel cramped; it's often difficult to tell where a story ends), I have found the content less than stellar.  One example will do for now, I think.

The cover story in the April 23 issue deals with the resurgence of the Securities and Exchange Commission's enforcement efforts, despite a small budget and miniscule staff.  The article refers to a turnaround from four years ago, and suggests that enforcement was downplayed when Christopher Cox was the Commission's Chair.  All true.  But I seem to recall something else that happened in 2008...let's see...what could that have been?

That's it--no mention that we elected a new president, who is committed to enforcing the securities law (and even to strengthening them), replacing a president who quite apparently didn't care and defeating a candidate who was clueless about these issues.  That's right.  Barack Obama is not mentioned, and the Dodd-Frank package receives only one passing mention.  Strange...


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